2020 Boating Season – Social Distancing

Today April 4, 2020 in our beautiful home state of West Virginia we had probably one of the first good boating days of the season so far this year. The boating season across the entire country is about to open.

We here at Merco Marine have always supported safe boating and boating etiquette. Right now is a time more than ever that we urge you to practice safe boating and adhere to BOTH the old regulations and the NEW.

We have seen various states across the United States already close marinas, boat ramps, and fishing tournaments because people are not following the current federal guidelines and specifically – SOCIAL DISTANCING.

This is a direct message to our fellow boaters across the country: Please be smart. Please strongly consider your actions. Please do not be a part of the problem. Most importantly please be safe!




Daniel L Otto

President, Owner

Merco Marine