Finger Stabilizers

Use these when you have one dock section connected to another dock section at a 90 degree angle to spread out the load on the hinge points. For example: If you have a 4' x 20' finger hinged to a 8' wide main dock you can use these on both sides of the 4' finger to make the finger stronger. These are especially useful if you dont have a piling at the end of your finger.

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Set of Two 12" x 14" Attachment Plates
These attachment plates are used on our 12" truss frames where you need a plate to bolt on a singe "..
Truss Frame - Finger Stabilizer
Our truss finger stabilizer is easy to attach and really stiffens up fingers. made from 1 ½" x 1 ½" ..
This is a kit that includes a number of parts that you need to create our truss frame pipe type fing..
Wood Dock Single Female
Single "T" female has two 1/2" tabs with a hole for 3/4" bolt or pin. Use with H-SM and bolt to the ..
Finger Pipe Stabilizer - 4'
Our 1- ½" pipe type finger stabilizer uses 2 H-SF (Single "T" Females) with 2 H-B (Backup Plates), a..