Rowing Dock

Rowing Dock

Rowing docks are floating dock sections that sit very low in the water to accomodate very small watercraft like rowing shells, kayaks, conoes, row boats, paddle boats, ect. The freeboard (the distance from the top of the deck to the water level) on these dock sections can be as low as 6" depending on what type of decking you choose.

The key component to Merco's rowing dock system is the float, which is 8" high, 20" wide, and 72" long will support 382 lbs. The outer shell is at least  .150 thick, rotationally molded and has molded in slots for easy mounting. Which can be found on our float drums page at or by clicking one of the links as follows:

FC-207208 20" x 72" x 8" Float Drum    
FC-207210 20" x 72" x 10" Float Drum

20" x 96" x 10" Float Drum



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