Truss and Wood Parallam

Truss and Wood Parallam





Merco Marine™ has re-developed a heavy duty boat dock that can be shipped by truck and easily assembled on site. The system uses 3/16" thick channel 8" tall with openings for utlities and 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle for the diagonal braces. Cross members and angle supports every 4' and 3-1/2" x 12" timbers for side stringers. The system is bolted using 5/8" timber bolts.

  • Typical section lengths are up to 50'
  • Typical section widths can be 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', and 8'
  • End connectors like the H-SM or H-SF can be used to create "hinge points"
  • Interior framing is all HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED after fabrication
  • Utility chases are easily ran through the frame interior
  • Pre-installed conduit options are available


Other accessories like cleats, cleat angles, hoop pile holders, etc. can be found on other pages through our catalog.

Call for complete details. 800-396-3726

Wood beams can be bought from Merco Marine™ or locally.
These items must be shipped by commercial carriers

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