Pump Dock

Merco Marine has a 12' x 12' vertical pump dock can support up to a 300 HP pump used for agriculture, water and waste water applications. The 2 sections of this rugged steel platform can be easily bolted together on site. Comes complete with floats, grate-lock decking and plate for pump. Entire unit is hot dipped galvanized for long service. The unit has 9950# of flotation. Walkways and other accessories are also available. Call for complete details and pricing.

The frame is made from 4" x 7.25 channel and hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. The handrail is 2" galvanized pipe fit together with Hollaender aluminum / magnesium fittings. The decking is galvanized grate lock. The center ½" x 4' x 4' plate is bolted to the frame. The plate is galvanized but has no hole so the customer can cut the correct hole for the pumps being used. Fittings are welded to the frame side for a hinged ramp. A 16' x 16' platform model is also available for larger pumps. Units can be bolted together for multiple pumps.

The floating float pipe line cradles that work very well with our pump docks can be found here.


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