These are our large tank style blats which are generally used as lifting tanks. They are hollow, not foam filled. These blats are mounted to dock systems in the same way our float drums are. They have molded slots that accept 3/8″ bolts. Click Here to see all of our PermaFloat Guide.

General Info

Blats are hollow and there is no internal bracing.
Virgin Grade Polyethylene Material
Blats are not used for flotation. You can find our float drums here.  

Typical uses may include floating lift systems and floating dock maintenance.

A small vacuum motor like a shop vac can inflate a blat with ease.

How it works

A low pressure pump like a shop vac motor and a valve are attached to the top of the blat.
Holes (that are not pre-drilled) in the bottom of the blat serve two purposes:

When the valve on top is open any air inside the blat gets evacuated under its own pressure at the same time water enters the blat through the holes in its bottom.
When you want to inflate that blat you open the valve and turn on a pump. The pump will push all the water inside of the blat out the holes in the bottom.



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