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Merco Marine manufactures nearly 500 different products for dock systems, marinas, and industrial applications. These are products such; as our wood dock hardware, pile guides, stationary dock components, truss frames, ladders, cleats, corner bumpers, piling caps, and many others. In total we sell 1,350 unique individual items. Plus, we stock most of what we sell.


American Made & Manufactured

When you do business with Merco, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. We manufacture all of our own high-quality galvanized steel hardware here in the USA, with U.S. workers, and U.S steel. All of our steel items are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication and will last for years.

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All of our welders are certified and have had additional training. Our manufacturing plant and production methods are constantly being updated. We have many automated machines now in use in our production plant that provides efficient and cost-effective production.

We have a high-definition computer-controlled plasma table which we use to make tabs, deck plates, and special or demo parts. We make over 35,000 half-inch tabs that you see on Single “T” Male/Female parts as well as Outside Corner Males/Females every year.

Our Panasonic 6 Axis Robotic Welder is used for the welding of our products that we make very frequently. A few of the items that we weld on the Robotic Welder include: Our roller assembly brackets, small pipe holders, and other pieces of hardware such as Single “T” Males. It takes only seconds to weld a Single “T” Male on the Robotic Welder – about half the time it would take to weld by hand.

Whenever we need a hole or multiple holes punched in a flat plate, we use our computer-controlled Iron Worker. The Iron Worker can be programmed to punch up to three different hole types at a time in varying locations on a plate using a moving XY axis. We also have two other Iron Workers. All three machines have the added capability to cut rod, angle, and snip small portions of steel.

We have two hydraulic computer-controlled press brakes, one of which is 200-ton, and the other 250-ton. These machines have programmable bend angles and back gauge lengths to make long, precise angle bends. They can bend a piece of steel that is 10 feet long and as thick as ¾ of an inch.

We have also added a new computer pipe bender that can more accurately bend our current line of hoops as well as give us the added capability of bending 2” diameter hoops.

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