PermaFloat Guide

Recommended Use and Installation for

Permafloat Float Drums



  1. Store float drum upside down with plug hole facing down.

  2. Do not store float drum with vent plugs inserted in areas of direct sunlight or hot temperatures.

  3. Dropping of float drum may result in damage; especially in cold weather.

  4. Do not stack over ten feet high

Vent Plug Inserting

  1. Do not insert plug until you are ready to use the float drum

  2. Before inserting the plug, make sure to drain the float drum of any water that might have seeped through the plug hole.

  3. There is one plug hole per float.

  4. Use a 5/16” allen wrench to insert plug.

  5. Use silicone or pipe sealer on plug to keep the inside of the float drum waterproof.

  6. Thread plug in float drum until the top of the plug is level with the top of the float drum.

Shipping Notes

  1. Be sure to inspect and count all float drums for damage prior to signing for them. If you find any lost or damage product, please note it in the documents. (otherwise the shipping company will not entertain any claim to loss or damage)

  2. We ship all of the plugs inside a single bag, which is taped into one of the slots in one of the floats.

Frame Support

  1. The dock frame must support either the sides or the ends of the float drums.


  1. All mounting slots on the float drum must be bolted or lagged to the frame if the dock is exposed to wave action; otherwise only four mounting slots must be used to mount float drum.

  2. Minimum of 3/8” bolts or lag screws are required.

  3. Truss frame attachment detail

  4. Wood dock frame attachment detail

Transporting Dock

  1. When installing or removing dock; lift the dock sections – do not slide. Sliding float drums may result in puncturing or wearing a hole in the wall of the float drums.

Technical Specs

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