Using a mixture of the following hardware you can make a Piano Hinge will have the ability to work with docks 3′, 4′, 6′, & 8′ widths. The slotted design allows for the hinge to be used with many different thicknesses of decking ranging from 3/4″ marine grade plywood with no sleepers all the way up to
2×6 decking on a 2×4 sleeper totaling 3″ of lumber.

**Note** All components listed on this page are individual parts. We did it this way to allow for a wide variety of uses to make it as customized as possible for you.

Recommended Parts needed to create 3′, 4′, 6′, & 8′ Piano Hinge Systems

Assembly Sizes
3′ Hinge 4′ Hinge 6′ Hinge 8′ Hinge
PH-TF3-1    x2
PH-PIN3-1  x1
B-1W            x2
B-CLIP         x2
B-CB1          x10
PH-TF4-1    x2
PH-PIN4-1  x1
B-1W            x2
B-CLIP        x2
B-CB1          x12
PH-TF3-1     x4
PH-PIN6-1  x1
B-1W            x2
B-CLIP         x2
B-CB1         x20
PH-TF4-1   x4
PH-PIN8-1 x1
B-1W           x2
B-CLIP        x2
B-CB1         x24
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