Our Pile Caps are injection molded in order to retain a uniform thickness of .100. Both round and square caps are cone shaped (a little tougher for birds to perch on). They are made from polyethylene, come in both black and white and have 4 pre-punched holes on the flange for nailing. We have put together one single .pdf file that has drawings of all of our piling caps. Sizes are in 1″ increments – no 1/2″ or smaller sizes are available.

All of our Pile caps are cone shaped. The cone shape helps prevent birds or other critters from perching atop your piling. The shape also prevents water from puddling on top of your piling which can lead to mosquitoes or ice forming in the winter which could crack your caps over time. We don’t offer flat style caps for these reasons.

Polyethylene Material
White or Black
Square or Round
1″ Increments only
Cone Shaped
4 Pre-Punched holes for mounting
Wall Thickness 0.100″
Drawings Available within the individual product pages in their descriptions
Nails Not Included


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