Price: $121.84 

This is a kit that includes a number of parts that you need to create our truss frame pipe type finger stabilizer system. Our pipe type finger stabilizer uses 2 - H-SF (Single “T” Female), 2 - H-AP (Attachment Plates) and 1 - H-FSP (4' x 11/2" pipe). Attach with B-CB1 or B-HB3.

Ths kit includes all of the following:

1 - H-FSP Finger Stabilizer Pipe
2 - H-AP Attachment Plates
2 - H-SF Single “T” Females
2 - B-PIN Connection Pins

H-FSCOM Finger Stabilizer complete with Bolts and Pins. Note* bolts not included. You will need to purchase 16 - B-CB1 Carriage bolts sepperately.


Weight46.00 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 4 x 4 in

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