10' Rubrail Dock Edging - White, Vinyl, 3 Chamber RR-5001

SKU: RR-5001

Price: $27.15 

White - 10' Length. We have designed our P style rub rail with a sloped bottom half. As boats rock up and down they tend to glance off ours instead of tearing it off the dock. That is just the beginning. Our flexible PVC will not crack, rot or deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures. It is unaffected by oil, gas or saltwater and has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight. We even add a fungicide. Besides all that, you can't beat the price. We require you attach this to your dock using two stainless ring nails (our item number B-RN) every 6 " on the top face and on the side face.


Material: Polyvinyl chloride extrusion compound

(Property) -Test Method - Nominal Value

Specific Gravity - ASTM D-792 - 1.4

Durometer - ASTM D-2240 - 85

Accelerated UV - ASTM D- 4329

Weathering - AT 50 C - No Failure

Fungus Growth - ASTM G-21 - No Failure

If you are buying the ring nails SKU: B-RN from us: You will need two bags of 25 ring nails (50 ring nails) per 10' stick of rub rail.

Weight9.00 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 3 in

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