Polyethylene Piling Bumpers - Two 48" pcs 96" total - Blue


Price: $23.84 

This product material is rigid heavy duty polyethylene it is not comparable to the vinyl material that our rubrail is manufactured from. As a result there is very little give or "bumper" type action normally found in our rubrail. Instead, this product provides more of a smooth wear surface between your boat and another hard surface such as a wood or steel piling. If you want something softer See Our Rubrail Here Heavy duty polyethylene piling bumper comes 2 in a box with stainless ring nails to fasten to your wooden pile. Two strips per box 48" long giving you a total of 96" or 8'.  - Blue color. These pile bumpers are great for use in rugged areas such as stationary piers and seawalls where you have piling and you would like a bumper to protect your boat. PDF Drawing

Weight8.00 lbs
Dimensions 49 x 4 x 4 in

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